About Us

We at Axis Entertainment Limited take pride in creating games based on original IP and concepts. Our DNA is creating global brands in the casual gaming sector from scratch after researching the present need of the market and the content availability to service that need.

Sara's Cooking Class

Sara's Cooking Class series of games was one of our 1st global brand started in 2009, which came out after researching the cooking games industry. When we saw a huge need by the female gamers who loved cooking and wanted to try making exotic new recipes in the kitchen, we created Sara's Cooking Class games. We developed over 125+ world famous recipes and Sara teaching the female gamers to create those recipes in their kitchen through an interactive game. We take pride in creating the

Baby Hazel's Journey

In late 2012, our research indicated that there was a new industry getting matured. Kids as young as 3 were getting online and trying to play games. Such young kids needed a mascot they could relate to and learn from. That is when Baby Hazel games were born. Today, the Baby Hazel series of games is the most popular gaming brand in the kids category. The high-quality games and the lovable Baby Hazel character has taken the kids gaming market by storm and today we serve over 100+ million game-p